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Video (TV) Productions

Video production starts with a vision. Our first task is to understand your operation or business goals and shape out an audio visual communication strategy around them. We then bring in vibrant, dynamic content that people want to share for along time to come and many years on. We use our journalistic roots, storytelling skills and broad digital content production capabilities to wrap your message in a way that inspires, educates, informs and entertains.

We put you where you want to be. We focus on using the power of video to deliver a strong return on Investment. We work with your ideas, timeline, and budget and ensure that you are consulted at every stage of production. We pride ourselves on the high standards we put forth on all our projects. We combine digital technology, art, creativity, and customer service to deliver high quality and high impact videos. Whatever message you are hoping to send to your audience, Artful Eyes Productions is here to accomplish that goal!

We produce;

  • Documentaries
  • Docudramas
  • Short Movie films
  • Features and Magazines
  • Talk Shows and Game shows
  • Reality TV shows
  • TV adverts and Public Service Announcement

Our state of the Art video cameras are;

  • DVcam DSR 570P
  • HVR HD Z7P
  • Canon XL Mark3
  • Other types of cameras are easily sourced as per need

Our 2 editing suites are;

  • Final cut PRO HD 7
  • Avid Xpress PRO HD

Other services we offer:

  • Large scale DVD duplications
  • Bulk DV, VHS, DVcam tape Dubbings
  • Printing on CDs and DVDs
  • Printing Jacket covers for VHS & DVDs
  • Audio recordings and editing

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